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Studio: noun: workplace of an artist.

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We are designers.

Our studio is an open work environment which fosters innovation and creativity.

Every project is an opportunity to challenge ourselves. Our team combines artistry, functionality and the latest design technology to bring the client’s vision to life.

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We are collaborators.

We believe architecture and interior design is about communication. A design should communicate the client’s vision and the project’s purpose.

HSA’s team enthusiastically engages in every step of the process, spearheading team efforts to ensure the final product meets standards and exceeds expectations.

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We are storytellers.

Every project should tell its narrative. What is the history of this site? What is the building’s function? Where is its place in the future? Who experiences it today? How will it be viable for tomorrow?

The completed project should communicate our client’s intended vision to all who will experience the lasting architecture.

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Our studio is guided by 3 principles:

· Creativity and Skill Diversification is at the heart of being an Architect or Interior Designer.

· Ethics and Relationships above all else.

· Education, Enrichment and Mentorship are professional responsibilities.

Our Design Team