strategic facilities planning


West Chester, PA | 1,000,000+ SF

In this ambitious undertaking, HSA and the project team used a holistic approach to assessing the corporate campus. This included an analysis of growth and adjacency needs of the business that impact real estate; studying building expansion opportunities; reimagining the client experience and how the public views the campus on tours, and a thorough site plan analysis.

Ultimately, a series of improvements - ones that could be implemented over several phases or years - were suggested to align the company’s culture and goals with their facilities. A hotel and conference center were planned for guest and employee convenience; a central retail coffee bar was introduced as a way to encourage collaboration and brainstorming among employees; an expansion was proposed to include open plan offices, conference and support space and studios; and a public tour entrance was developed that had a stronger brand presence and provided the ‘wow factor’ for which QVC was known.