malvern campus restack


Malvern, PA | 1,920,000 SF

HSA teamed up with this confidential client when they had the opportunity to re-evaluate all of their internal business adjacencies, thanks to the acquisition of three new buildings. It was also an opportunity to refresh shared spaces like lobbies, food service and conference areas.

Due to the complexity and sensitive nature of the business, HSA worked with the client and other consultants extensively to ensure the process of programming and planning would be smooth.

The first step was developing a document to track current and future seat requirements for the Pennsylvania campus of the corporation. Each quarter, as the business plan was updated, so was the seat requirement document, so that the all 23 buildings could be accurately tracked.

HSA next determined which key groups would be integral to programming and developed 7 distinct phases of scope. Senior leaders were interviewed; adjacencies and space requirements were gathered and used for block and stack plans; then the plans, an overview of conferencing technology, and the interior renovation scope were reviewed with the Facilities group and consultants. The programming team collected requirements regarding file needs, office counts, primary and secondary adjacencies and how the needs of employees could impact the construction schedule. These graphics were then used to develop construction documents and project sequencing.

Other tasks included in the programming and planning focused on tracking staff moves, the incorporation of branding, and the division of support spaces. These steps were implemented over a 4 year timeframe, in order to coincide with the client’s cash flow schedule.