DiD Agency

healthcare marketing agency

Ambler, PA | 14,000 SF

DiD had made the most of their previous work environment through furniture selections and use of paint, but their workspace - with its low ceilings and small, enclosed areas - didn’t reflect the culture of their organization. When they moved to a building with a strong industrial feel, they wanted the interior fit out of their new space to assist in attracting and retaining top creative talent and to better reflect their brand.

HSA worked with DiD, the building owners, and the contractor to drive the design goals of an open, collaborative space that fostered teamwork and socialization. Teams were carefully planned for spaces based on their types of tasks - whether it be ‘heads down’ focused work or large group efforts. DiD’s branding colors and passions were reflected through paint accents, accessories and a thematic ‘boardwalk’ leading to their shared socialization space.