West Grove, PA

Located in southern Chester County, Avon Grove Charter School provides an alternative to large public schools, with a particular focus on environmental learning and non-traditional students. For the first step of this three-part planning process, HSA evaluated the existing buildings and sites at both the K-2 and 3-12 campuses. Working closely with the school, we developed a prioritized schedule of maintenance and improvements.

To develop a program for future expansion, we conducted parent surveys, interviews with staff and students, and research on current trends and benchmarks. After analyzing their space needs, we developed conceptual designs through an iterative process to create a comprehensive master plan, which includes a new building to bookend the site as well as improvements to existing spaces.

The Campus Commons will become the focal point of the site, with its transparent entry acting as a beacon. The school’s existing gymnasium will be adaptively reused as a Media Center, serving as a learning and social space.