We are designers
We are collaborators
We are storytellers

Every building should tell its narrative. What is the history of this site? What is the building’s function? Where is its place in the future? Who experiences it today? How will it be viable for tomorrow?

We are a studio

Established in 1989, our studio was built on fostering relationships between collaborators, clients and the community. Our open work environment empowers us to form dynamic and functional solutions while learning and growing as a team.

Principals Mitch Shiles and Matt Heckendorn spearhead each project with an energetic team of talented architects and interior designers.


Your project is unique, with distinct site challenges, financial constraints and community needs. We understand this requires its own approach. Our studio has deliberately challenged itself to diversify our portfolio and skills over the past 25 years. Mitch brings vast, varied knowledge while Matt loves driving the process from conception to completion. We are practiced in taking new perspectives but also know how to integrate past experiences to ensure a comprehensive project design.